Pure Life Science remains 100% operational as we have moved our employees to home offices. Please note due to Covid-19 many fulfillment centres are running at half capacity and orders are taking 4-6 days on average to fulfill. You will get an email with your orders tracking number once shipped. Never hesitate to contact us.


Iesha Hill

Sickle Cell Anemia Patient & Waitress

Susan Plewes

Customer Care Specialist at Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique

John Ayton

President of Pure Life Science Corp.

Marleine Alagha

Figure Competitor

Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert

MFT, MRT Tennessee Army National Guard

Sgt Ryan Small

United States Marine Corp.

Antoinette Pacheco

Mother, US Marine & Fitness Enthusiast

Susan Alper

Life Style Coach, Susan Alpher Connections Inc.

Andrea Fambrough

"Here’s my story & I hope it encourages you! I heard your interview with Dr. Pompa & was interested enough to..."

Scott McLean

Certified Facilitator & Business Coach | (TAB) The Alternative Board
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