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Marleine Alagha

Figure Competitor

My experience with Pure Form Omega® has been amazing! I have been using Pure Form Omega® for over a year, having been a figure competitor for 7 years now, I can say that I have tried every brand on the market and I struggled with gaining lean muscle mass. 

At first, I was skeptical of a plant-based Omega but once I started using it, I was absolutely shocked. After 2 weeks, my performance was at an all time high and my recovery times were outstanding. Speaking from a competitor’s perspective or anyone who seeks sheer performance, Pure Form Omega® is undoubtedly the way to go!! 

I can’t say enough good things about this product… I was able to gain 8 lbs of lean mass while losing fat, was at the best shape of my life which I placed 1st in Figure short and 3rd in Masters. I was absolutely HAPPY with my physique. Beside the energy, my skin is glowing and I'm looking younger and who does not want to look young… Not only Pure Form Omega® changed my life, also my kids who are involved in Football and soccer noticed an increase in endurance and energy on the field.

Marleine Alagha | Testimonial

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