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Andrea Fambrough

Here’s my story & I hope it encourages you! 

I heard your interview with Dr. Pompa & was interested enough to try the Pure Form Omega Natural product. What captured my attention most was a statement that some patients experience decreases in joint pain. Purchased my 1st bottle, guessed at the dose & I took 3 capsules daily.

I’m about to finish my 1st bottle & I’m now able to describe the severe joint pain in my hands, especially my thumbs, only as stiffness not pain!

I’m motivated to seek your opinion on how this product or, perhaps, others may help me with my other issues.

Where I am:

  1. I have multiple layers of issues of some successfully treated issues: (leaky gut, psoriasis, lung infection, GI infections).
  2. Also have other that still need treatment: (detox of heavy metal toxicity, some relief of neuropathy in feet & legs, constant fatigue, insomnia, anxiety & mood swings, brain fog, persistent GI infections)

I have been under treatment for the last year with a Functional Medicine doctor & appreciate what we’ve been able to accomplish together. I’m always listening to presentations & trying to advocate for my body to receive what it needs to heal. I trust my doctor but feel right now that things are going too slowly. Guess I’m just ready to get back into life & still be productive even at 71! Thank you for contributing to my healing with your great Pure Form Omega Natural product. Mine is just one small story & I’m sure there are many more from your hard work.

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