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Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert

MFT, MRT Tennessee Army National Guard

As a Soldier that has deployed overseas a few times over, I have tested the limits of my body a great deal. Now that I am home, I have sought out the best supplements to help me recover and revitalize my strength, stamina and mental agility. 

Pure Form Omega® has provided me a level of physical resilience like never before! In a short period of time, I noticed that my joints no longer had the constant pain that I developed while in Iraq. After one month, I noticed that my body fat was literally being peeled away while my muscles appeared to be building. Once more, it seems that my immune system is functioning better than ever. I recommend Pure Form Omega for every Soldier, Sailor, Coast Guard, Airman and Marine, as well as for any citizen that wants a healthy and productive life!

Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert | Testimonial

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