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Martin Reid

Pilates Instructor, Fitness Model and Entrepreneur

Pilates has been the most effective workout I have introduced my clients to in the past 15 years. I am witnessing people of all ages, find mobility, stability and strength that they never knew they had. I personally have always been externally strong, but Pilates has taught me how important it is to be internally strong as well. As important as it is to get fit from the inside- out through Pilates, getting fit at the cellular level is even important and that is why I did the research and started adding Pure Form Omega® to my daily routine.

Pure Form Omega® has been instrumental in putting together the last part of my optimal health strategy. I have noticed in my busiest times that my body is recovering better, my eyes are clearer, and my body is not as sore after long hours of workouts on the set of a TV infomercial. I am in my best shape in my 40’s and Pure Form Omega® has been a missing link.

Martin Reid Testimonial | Pure Life Science

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