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Dr. Natasha Turner

New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Natasha Turner ND, had this to say about Pure Form Omega in her book The Hormone Boost: How to Power Up Your 6 Essential Hormones for Strength, Energy and Weight Loss;

"I suggest Pure Form Omega (a plant-based omega supplement) for menopausal women because it contains flax and evening primrose oils, which help with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. This formula is particularly helpful for skin and artery health. I recently called this product "brain food" in a social media post, because I've noticed my memory and recall are much better while I'm taking it." - Page 173

Dr. Natasha Turner ND Testimonial | Pure Life Science

Learn more about Dr. Natasha Turner, ND here!

Purchase her book The Hormone Boost here.


Turner, N. (2016). The Hormone Boost: How to Power Up Your Six Essential Hormones for Strength, Energy, and Weight Loss. Canada: Random House Canada. 

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