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Dr. Dan Pompa, PSc.D

Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine

Dr. Dan Pompa (a pioneer of Cellular Healing that treats clients suffering from chronic diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autism, sensory integration disorders, and other neurotoxic conditions):

I am a believer! I use it [Pure Form Omega®] with all my clients, and I tell you, it has remarkable results. I’ve been a fan a long time of the 4:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, and that’s probably what interested me in the product right away and the fact that it’s an omega-3 product from plant-based—there was all these little things that interested me, and then I started trying it. I have to say it works fast, and it works.

People bring me a lot of products, and I try a lot of products. We immediately started moving a lot of this product because it started working. You start using it with people, and you say—you get the results back. It’s like, okay, that’s a winner.

Listen to more of what Dr. Dan Pompa has to say about Pure Form Omega® in his interview with our Co-Founder and Medical Director Dr. Jeff Matheson in Cellular Healing TV Episode 188: Is Fish Oil Dangerous? here!

Dr. Dan Pompa | Testimonial

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