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The Rise of Arthritis of the Knee & Why It’s Getting Worse

The Rise of Arthritis of the Knee & Why It’s Getting Worse Blog | Pure Life Science

A recent article has definitively shown that arthritis of the knee is affecting more and more people, leading to earlier joint replacements; in fact, the prevalence of knee osteoarthritis has nearly doubled since World War II (Wallace, 2017). Workers at that time had very heavy labour jobs, and yet had far less chronic disease (including arthritis), showing that this hike in knee arthritis is not just normal wear and tear. What’s even more worrying is that people are getting knee replacements at increasingly younger ages (More Americans Getting Knees Replaced, 2015).

What could be the cause? Eating an inflammatory diet high in GMO foods contaminated with Roundup (the generic name for glyphosate) could be the problem. The Roundup issue is intriguing because it’s so rarely talked about. Thanks to the work of Dr. Stephanie Seneff, we now know that Roundup actually imitates the essential amino acid glycine. The cartilage of your joints is 33% glycine (Collagen, 2019)! If you are eating GMO foods that are heavily contaminated with Roundup (as most adults do), then you are essentially poisoning the cartilage of your joints (Kelly, 2012), leading to early breakdown and arthritis. In the USA, knee replacements occur at a rate two and a half times the rates in Italy or France—two countries that are GMO free (Kurtz et al., 2011).

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So how can you save your knees? Well, the first thing you have to do is stop the poison! Eat certified organic. Stop ingesting all GMO foods, including wheat (which is doused in Roundup shortly before harvest) (Preharvest Staging Guide, 2019). Your body will need extra energy to recover from these chemicals—that’s where Pure Form Omega comes in. It is an organic product that has been shown to improve oxygenation to all cells of your body. It also has an extra amount of gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA), which drives the cells to make extra PGE1, the most powerful anti-inflammatory the body makes. This leads to immediate pain relief while also supporting the repair of cartilage. This is something medications cannot do for you.

The body has a tremendous capacity to recover—it’s up to you to give it a chance. Treat your body right: try Pure Form Omega and give us your feedback!


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