Exploding Food Allergies and Why Organic Matters

Exploding Food Allergies and Why Organic Matters | Pure Life Science

An article published by FAIR Health shows an explosion of food allergies in the United States (2017). In fact, food allergies have quadrupled in just ten years! That is an astounding change in such a short period for an entire population. That number doesn’t even include the much broader food intolerances that probably match that number or exceed it. Just look at the list of banned foods in schools today: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, sesame seeds, melon, avocado, tuna, shellfish, and dairy products are all affecting our children like never before.

Food Allergies | Pure Life Science

Why are we so sensitive today? With such a huge change in society, we can’t just blame allergies on genetics; environmental factors play a large role. Our food system is radically different from 50 years ago. We have a system dominated by corn, soy, and wheat (United States Department of Agriculture, 2019). This monoculture has become highly dangerous. It is also fed to our farm animals, so not only does our diet lack diversity, but the diets of the animals we eat are also heavily lacking in nutrition. These crops are overwhelmingly GMO; therefore, they are heavily contaminated with glyphosate (Roundup) in the case of corn and soy, or, as in the case of wheat, desiccated with it. We are literally drowning ourselves with Roundup, a toxic herbicide with no human safety data. What is really scary is that the actual glyphosate molecule resembles the essential amino acid GLYCINE. The body cannot tell the difference between the two, so it ends up accumulating glyphosate in every tissue of our body. Glyphosate is also well-known for poking holes in our gut. These holes allow particles of undigested food into our bloodstream, so the body is forced to mount an immune response which can result in GI upset (that bloating or heartburn you get after a meal) or, as the data shows, life-threatening allergic reactions.

Fair Health | Food Allergies | Pure Life Science

What can be done? Going organic is everything. We must avoid this dangerous toxin at all costs. Its associations with human chronic disease are well-documented (see the work of Dr. Stephanie Seneff). Here at Pure Life Science, we are dedicated to providing a product that is sourced from individual, organic farmers, and is of the highest purity (as shown here in our Health Canada Purity Report). Our capsules are cold-pressed under a blanket of nitrogen with a nitrogen bubble in each capsule, so antioxidants or preservatives are not needed. Try the product. If you don’t feel the difference, you’re not taking it!


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