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Fish Oils Don’t Prevent Heart Disease

Fish Oils Don't Prevent Heart Disease Blog | Pure Life Science

It’s official: the world’s leading scientific authority, Cochrane, has done a review of cardiovascular health and fish oils and has found, as predicted, that fish oils do not work clinically for the prevention of heart disease (Abdelhamid et al., 2018). Now, this was predicted because the use of fish oil contradicts known biochemistry and the membrane physiology of human cells. The fact that there is no omega-3 in the intima of arteries, that omega-6 has the same oxygen dissociation curve as hemoglobin, and that mitochondrial membranes are almost entirely made up of omega-6 seems lost on the entire scientific community (save a very select few).

Of all the “experts” I have seen, heard, or read, not one has ever been able to explain—biochemically—how fish oil could possibly prevent heart disease. They all rely on very flawed epidemiological studies that have been criticized for being unreliable by Dr. John P. A. Ioannidis, MD, DSc of Stanford University. And now we have the world’s foremost independent scientific authority, Cochrane, finally coming out and agreeing with him.

Here at Pure Life Science, we like real science—the stuff you can prove in a lab. That is why we are so confident in the success of our product, Pure Form Omega, as it is a source of truly essential fatty acids that all cell membranes need to function.

Consider this recent study: “Docosahexaenoic acid lowers cardiac mitochondrial enzyme activity by replacing linoleic acid in the phospholipidome,” (Sullivan et al., 2018). Don’t be intimidated by the title; the article eloquently and simply states that DHA (from fish oil) lowers energy in the heart and that LA (linoleic acid, the plant-based omega-6 in Pure Form Omega) restores energy function in the heart. This is a well done, rock-solid scientific paper that cannot be criticized. It follows known biochemistry and cell physiology, and therefore backs up what would be predicted.

So, if you want to treat your heart properly, follow the science. Use Pure Form Omega daily (one capsule for every 30 lbs body weight) and you will notice improved cardiovascular fitness, usually within two weeks! Pure Form Omega is a patented, organic, plant-sourced formulation of omega-6 and -3, cold-pressed under a blanket of nitrogen to prevent any oxidation. Each capsule contains a bubble of nitrogen to preserve freshness without the use of preservatives or anti-oxidants.


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