The Difference Between Pure Form Omega and Other Plant-Based Oils: Borage Oil

The Difference Between Pure Form Omega and Other Plant-Based Oils: Borage Oil | Pure Life Science

When supplementing with what we know as proper Omega-3 and Omega-6 products from plants, the source does make a difference. Plants all contain the proper fatty acids, but we cannot absorb them from all plants. We have to thank Dr. Paul Beatty for his insight into this issue. To be sure, there are other plant-based oils to choose from. Why are we any better?

Well, it gets complicated, but it has to do with something called “stereochemistry.” This is the world of the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms and molecules and the effect this has on chemical reactions. Apparently, shape does matter, especially when it comes to the ability to use nutrients. We don’t actually break down what we eat into the base molecules, then absorb it, then reassemble it into new products. Nature conserves energy extremely well—so well that we continuously use what other plants and animals give us.

If you look at most other plant-based oils on the market, you will notice that many of them contain borage oil. There is a problem with this ingredient. The stereochemistry of borage oil is wrong. It turns out that the omega-6 (GLA or gamma-Linolenic acid) is in the wrong position in the triglyceride chain, which causes some undesirable side effects (Barre & Holub, 1992). Because of its position in the triglyceride chain, platelet membranes are altered and an increase in thromboxane B2 makes them sticky; hence, borage oil may actually increase your risk of stroke or heart attack!

Borage Oil | Pure Life Science

Borage Oil

Pure Form Omega is partially sourced from evening primrose oil, where the GLA is on the “2” position. This positioning makes it much more available to your body (Chemical Information Review Document for Evening Primrose Oil, 2009), which increases its anti-inflammatory effect. We know this is complicated, but the science behind Pure Form Omega has been well-researched and verified clinically. All you have to do is try it and see for yourself!

Pure Form Omega is an organic, plant-based omega, cold-pressed under a blanket of nitrogen with a bubble of nitrogen in each capsule to ensure freshness without the use of anti-oxidants or preservatives.


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