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13 Benefits Of Pumpkin Seed Oil: Prostate to Menopause & Everything Between

13 Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil: Prostate to Menopause & Everything Between | Pure Life Science

The more we research, the more benefits of taking pumpkin seed oil we find. A recent article came out about pumpkin seed oil, a major component of Pure Form Omega® (Ji, 2017). We have seen all 13 of these “side benefits” in our patient population (Ji, 2017).

To briefly recap the article, there are 13 benefits of pumpkin seed oil that have been clinically proven. Pumpkin seed oil helps to:

  1. inhibit prostate growth
  2. lower risk of kidney stones
  3. control post-menopausal symptoms including fix cholesterol
  4. reduce cardiovascular disease
  5. reduce liver disease
  6. reduce overactive bladder
  7. reduce arthritis
  8. reduce baldness
  9. reduce high blood pressure
  10. reduce insomnia
  11. reduce anxiety
  12. reduce intestinal parasites in dogs
  13. reduce acetaminophen toxicity on liver

13 Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil | Pure Life Science

When taken in proper, weight-based doses, Pure Form Omega® provides the amount of pumpkin seed oil necessary to see all of the positive effects above. In fact, there is no theoretical maximum dose of the oils; we’ve seen some very sick patients use up to 45 capsules a day with no ill effects.

Hair growth is a big benefit to many of our male customers. There is good evidence and biochemistry to support that, when taken in higher doses, Pure Form Omega® can promote hair growth (Cho, et al., 2014). Interestingly enough, the same mechanism that promotes hair growth also helps inhibit prostate growth (Ejike & Ezeanyika, 2011). Both are very important to men’s health.

Pumpkin Seeds | Pure Life Science

And just because it has benefits for men, don’t think it doesn’t help women. Two of the ingredients in Pure Form Omega®—pumpkin seed and primrose oil—are well-known for preventing hot flashes in women going through menopause (Farzaneh, Fatehi, Sohrabi, & Alizadeh, 2013).As another side benefit, these oils also improve the lipid profile associated with menopause (by fixing your cholesterol), so you can avoid medications. The hair growth benefits also happen in women—even your hairdresser will notice! We’ve heard from hundreds of women about how much healthier their hair is on Pure Form Omega®.

The combination of oils in Pure Form Omega® has many other effects that cannot all be listed here. The best thing you can do is try it and see what it does for you. We cannot stress enough that the effects are dose related, so make sure you are taking enough to get these benefits and let us know what happens. With Pure Form Omega®, a whole host of health benefits is at your fingertips!


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Ji, S. (2017). Pumpkin Seeds: 11 Evidence-Based Health Benefits. Retrieved from

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