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Cliff Jumpers Vs. Life Changers

Cliff Jumpers Vs. Life Changers | Pure Life Science

As the information has often been clouded by competing financial interests, the science behind optimal health has been confusing in recent years. We came across an interview with a personal trainer who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. He just thought it was genetic, and therefore, unavoidable. He consulted with an integrative medicine specialist, and within six months his condition dramatically improved. He tried to tell others about how he changed his life and how much better he felt; however, 70% of the people he talked to refused to change their lifestyle, no matter how bad they felt or how many medications they were taking.

It made me think of the lemmings. Maybe we’ve forgotten that story, but when the population of lemmings gets too large, one of the animals leads the others over a cliff to their death. It improves the odds of survival for those who remain. We sit at the same crossroads. The statistics show that 73% of men and 54% of women will get cancer, and 60% of us already have some form of chronic disease (including an astonishing 54% of children)! Are we lemmings just letting our “modern” lifestyle carry us all over the edge of the cliff? Are we willing to make a change?

Today’s science is very disappointing. Unfortunately, the influence of large businesses has become so great that they don’t even have to hide this influence any longer. Science has become more of a propaganda machine than a voice of reason. So, what is real, and what can you trust? When you eat right and take the right supplements, your body will tell you the answer.

Are you a lemming or a life changer?

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