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Pure Form Omega & Heart Health

Pure Form Omega & Heart Health Blog | Pure Life Science

What do you think the heart prefers for energy? Well, it prefers fats: not sugar or carbohydrates. At least 65% of the energy your heart uses is derived from fats. If good quality fats are not available (such as in today’s standard American diet [SAD]), you will end up with issues that compromise your heart function, such as congestive heart failure (CHF). CHF increases your risk of dying within the next five years by 50%. There are six million Americans with CHF, and 550,000 more are diagnosed every year. Almost all of these cases are preventable.

Preventing this problem, or reversing it to some extent, begins with the high quality, organic, plant-based fats in Pure Form Omega. Coenzyme Q10 is also essential, especially if you are on cholesterol medications.

Pure Form Omega can also treat your damaged arteries by providing them with omega-3, as the innermost lining of your arteries contains mostly saturated fat and omega-6 (linolenic acid) and no omega-3 (Katz 1981). You will also see an improvement in the delivery of oxygen to the mitochondria—the cell’s energy producer.

Heart health is ultimately affected by three factors:

  1. Proper fueling for the heart
  2. Improving heart vasculature for the delivery of oxygen
  3. Improving the cell membrane’s ability to get oxygen to the mitochondria for more efficient energy production

All this may explain some of the benefits that have been seen in our clients and explain the self-reported 20% to 30% improvement in cardiovascular fitness by our users. Try it today. Most users feel a difference in only two to four weeks. Pure Form Omega can only make you healthier!


Katz, S. (1981). “The Lipids of Grossly Normal Human Aortic Intima from Birth to Old Age.” The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 256(23), 12275–12280.

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