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Ketogenic Diets, Heart Disease, Diabetes, & Pure Form Omega

Ketogenic Diets, Heart Disease, Diabetes & Pure Form Omega | Pure Life Science

The Journal of Physiology recently published an article that caught my eye (read the article here) for the layman’s interpretation). Now, the article claims to demonstrate that a ketogenic (fat-based) diet actually causes type two diabetes! But, as usual, the devil is in the details. The article describes a study that fed one group of mice a ketogenic diet and the other a regular diet. The study found that after twelve weeks (about ten years in human time), the mice who were fed the ketogenic diet were more insulin resistant. This information goes against everything people that have tried the diet have experienced. Time to have a closer look.

Turns out that the “chow” that was given as a “ketogenic” was a mass-produced study chow called “Teklan TD.96355; Envigo, Huntingdon, UK”. So, I looked it up and what do you know, this supposed ketogenic food derived all of its fat from CRISCO and CORN OIL (Teklad Custom Diet: TD:96355, 2018)! Both ingredients are heavily processed, adulterated fats. So, in reality, they have proven that Crisco causes type two diabetes!

This stands to reason, as previous studies (available in my previous blogs) have shown that cell membranes made up of adulterated fats have dysfunctional insulin receptors. The first processed fat mass marketed was Crisco in 1912. Proctor and Gamble sold over two and a half million pounds of Crisco in 1912 and sixty million pounds just four years later (that’s half a pound per person in 1916). Sales accelerated, and by 1920 it was on virtually every shelf in America! Now, early on people didn’t notice much, but after twenty years, something new showed up in increasing numbers: heart attacks. In 1920, most heart disease was infectious in nature (rheumatic heart disease), but by 1940 and on, heart attacks became the major killer of men in the USA, affecting over three hundred thousand in 1950.

In 1950, something else started showing up that had never been seen before. Type two diabetes! And since it has appeared, it has continued to accelerate and appear in younger and younger age groups (Long Term Trends in Diabetes, 2017). Kids are being born with faulty fats in their cell membranes, so they are now “primed” to get diabetes at a young age.

This all follows known biochemistry and cell membrane physiology. So, if you want to use a ketogenic diet to get healthy, make sure it is full of healthy, unprocessed fats like those in our Pure Form Omega. Our product is a patented combination of cold-pressed, organic seed oils under a blanket of nitrogen. The bubble of nitrogen in each capsule ensures freshness without the use of antioxidants or preservatives. Avoid the processed oils such as canola, corn, soy, palm, or cottonseed oils. Read the labels and get healthy today!


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