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Matt Dunigan

Matt Dunigan | Testimonial | Pure Life Science

This past summer, on my way to a charity golf tournament I commented to my friend, Scott McLean how great he looked and asked him what was up. Riding shotgun was another friend Laurie Muis, and she too was gushing over Scott’s noticeable healthy overall glow. Turns out Scott was involved with Pure Life Science and Pure Form Omega and been using the product with obvious and tremendous results. Just so happens we all were headed to The 21 annual dEBra Foundation Golf Tournament. Why? Because we all love a young woman by the name of Deanna Molinaro and her entire family. Deanna suffers and lives with a condition known as Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare genetic connective tissue disorder. Children with EB are known as “Butterfly Children” because their skin is extremely fragile and can blister and tear from any friction. Anyway, we all are headed to support our favorite gal and cause discussing how and if this product can work for Scott and so many others, maybe, just maybe, it can help Deanna. Fast forward 3 months later and we all, including Deanna and her family have gathered at Scott’s place to meet the folks from Pure Life Science, Dr. Jeff Matheson and John Ayton. After a tremendous evening and education on everything Pure Form Omega, we all were intrigued and excited to start taking the product. 2 months later, here I sit, raving about a product I knew nothing about just 5 months ago. I’m happy to say this product has helped me in so many ways and even more importantly sweet Deanna has seen positive results as well. My improvements have been improved cognitive abilities, elimination of joint pain, healthier skin and an overall body pump. Not bad for an ex-professional football player who suffers through some pretty nasty residual effects of the game. Here’s the kicker, more exciting news is just around the corner and Scott is hosting another meeting November 20 to tell Deanna and friends all about it. Can’t wait!!!
Continue to pay it forward.

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