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Iesha Hill

Sickle Cell Anemia Patient & Waitress

Iesha has Sickle Cell Anemia with bilateral avascular necrosis of the hips (a collapsing hip) as a complication of the disease. She was due for bilateral hip replacement and was on high dose opioid medication including methadone. After only 3 days on Pure Form Omega® at 8 caps a day, she came off all pain meds and was able to significantly increase her hours as a waitress!

Read About Iesha's Experience Below:

"I started my journey with Pure Form Omega and have seen a change. Since I started, I’ve been working more on my feet and have gone without a limp. When I started the supplement I had no pain medication left so I really wanted to see if it would work. I still don’t have any pain medication and I’m still on my hip at work day by day which is great. This is only my beginning testimony and I can’t wait to continue this process until I’m done with my next round and see how everything goes after that."

Iesha Hill | Testimonial

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