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The 5 "Rs" with Dr. Dan Pompa & Ben Azadi

Keto Kamp Founder Ben Azadi interviewed Dr. Dan Pompa at the HCF Seminars event in Newport Beach, California this past November 2019. They reviewed Dr. Pompa's speaker session where he dove into the "5 R's" (watch the video below to find out what those "5 R's" are!)

*Hint - the second "R" is "Regenerating the Cell" and they discuss where Fish Oil fits, or rather doesn't fit, in this stage. Dr. Pompa goes on to mention what we've been researching for years, Fish Oil does not offer everything it says it does! Watch through Ben's interview below to learn more.  

Finished with Ben's interview? Watch more from Ben Azadi and Dr. Dan Pompa below;

Ben Azadi

The Truth About Fish Oil | Ben Azadi | Pure Life Science    Stop Taking These Supplement | Ben Azadi | Pure Life Science

Dr. Dan Pompa

CHTV Podcast Episode 188: Is Fish Oil Dangerous? | Dr. Dan Pompa | Dr. Jeff Matheson | Pure Life Science    Interview With Dr. Can Pompa, Professor Brian Peskin & Dr. Jeff Matheson | Pure Life Science

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