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The Pure Form Omega Advantage

The Pure Form Omega Advantage | Pure Life Science
Many of you may be using fish-oil to enhance your workout; unfortunately, it might come as a surprise that this supplement actually starves muscles of essential fuel, making them less effective in the gym (the OPPOSITE of what is required for success)! There is strong evidence to support this statement. The British Medical Journal of Nutrition published an article stating that “Fish-oil supplementation reduces stimulation of plasma glucose fluxes during exercise in untrained males” (2003). This effect was initially founded by eminent diabetes specialist and colleague, Samuel E. Crockett, M.D., Director of Emeritus of the Diabetes Institute, and his team.

In a more recent study (Sullivan, et al., 2018) found that replacing Linoleic Acid (LA or Omega-6) with DHA in mitochondrial membranes greatly decreased their enzymatic acitivty, which was later restored when LA was put back.

You might be asking: “what does this all mean?” Essentially, the decrease in available glucose (“reduced stimulation of the plasma glucose fluxes”) caused by taking fish-oil will hinder any athlete’s training - effectively “short-circuiting” their workout. This decrease in available glucose energy can be even worse in bodybuilders and other elite athletes.

Further studies show that mice who were fed for two weeks on a diet high in sunflower oil (plant-based), which contains Omega-6 18 carbon (not 20 and 22 carbon like in fish and krill oil) polyunsaturated fatty acids, ran on average 0.19m/s faster than mice who were fed a diet rich in linseed oil, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. These results prove that, over a 2 second sprint, a mouse with a diet high in Omega-6 fatty acids would have a 0.4m advantage. This represents a 6.3% improvement in performance, which actually reaches the same performance level as those who have competed and broken records in the 100m sprint. Imagine improving your output by 6.3% in a short period of time just by changing your supplement!

A previous study by the same group, which looked at a range of mammal species, found that those with a relatively high Omega-6 fatty acid content in their skeletal muscles had a greater maximum running speed. Combined, these two studies suggest that diets rich in these fatty acids could, as Dr. Turbill states, “also affect the maximum (or burst) running speed of other vertebrates, including humans". As you can see, for top performance, it is really the Omega-6 content that matters.

Pure Form Omega® Natural is an optimal combination of plant-based, 18 carbon, organic, cold-pressed Omega-6/3 product that is designed for human physiology. The health benefits you will feel will extend far beyond the gym!


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