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Omegas & Skin Health

Omegas & Skin Health | Pure Life Science

I have been asked to comment on why the Pure Form Omega® Natural formulation works so well on skin. The answer is pretty straight forward if you understand the biochemistry of the skin, and the implications are quite powerful!

There is almost no Omega-3 in the skin. Cultured skin cells grow normally when given eighteen carbon Omega-6, but when supplied with Omega-3, they grow uncontrollably (i.e. cancer). Studies show that countries that have the highest fish oil consumption (and thus produce the most Omega-3) have the highest rates of skin cancer (Maclean et. al., 2006)!

Look at this article published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It basically says that a lack of Omega-6 leads to the breakdown and inflammation of the skin. Think acne, eczema etc. Supplementing with plant based Omega-6 corrects these issues (and clearer skin has been seen repeatedly in individuals taking Pure Form Omega® Natural). Check out this article released by Oregon State University for a good summary of all the above information. Note: Omega-3 fatty acids constitute less than 2% of the total fatty acids of the skin; the rest is comprised of eighteen carbon Omega-6. 

Ratio of Tissue Composition Chart | Pure Life Science

The Pure Form Omega® Natural formulation supplies the proper, organic, unadulterated Omega-6 and Omega-3 in the proper ratios, and is thus the preferred supplement for those that want great, younger-looking skin.


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