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Pure Form Omega & Inflammation

Pure Form Omega and Inflammation

The journey with Pure Form Omega (PFO) has taken many twists and turns. We are always asked, “What does the product do?”. This is a hard question to answer, as PFO does so many different things for different people. Ultimately, however, their problems are all united by one critical, underlying premise: inflammation.

We live in an inflammatory world. We are constantly exposed to chemicals, air pollution, heavy metal toxicity, etc., and we are paying a high price with cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and arthritis. These are all ailments our great-grandparents never had, and yet today everyone knows someone with one of these once rare conditions.

Inflammation can basically be broken down into two types;

The first is inflammation as a reaction to a bodily insult, such as a virus, bacteria, injury, or foreign body. This first type is relatively easy to resolve: remove the offending agent and the inflammation should disappear (though this is not always as easy as it seems), or let the body heal.

The second kind of inflammation occurs when unhealthy cells reach out for help. They release inflammatory cytokines, which call on white blood cells for assistance. Now, why are these cells sick? Usually because of poor functioning mitochondria. The key to properly functioning mitochondria are healthy membranes. Membranes are the basic subunit of all life; they allow a cell to be a cell. They separate the inside of the cell from the harsh world outside. All the cells various metabolic functions happen on the membrane, including all energy production.

Healthy Omega-6 is the key, specifically linoleic acid, a plant-derived, essential fatty acid that can only be obtained through your diet. Unfortunately, in today’s world, processed foods are full of damaged Omega-6, leading to the multitude of chronic diseases we see today. Put the right Omega-6 in your diet!

Pure Form Omega is an organic source of the proper Omega-6 from cold-pressed seed oils extracted under a blanket of nitrogen, so they are undamaged. Each is packaged in a capsule with a nitrogen bubble, so no preservatives or antioxidants are needed. With an additional shot of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), Pure Form Omega will noticeably drop your inflammatory levels (usually in as little as two weeks!), leading to improved energy levels and less pain in your body.

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