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Cellular Oxygen Transport

Cellular Oxygen Transport | Pure Life Science

Well, after a fairly exhaustive search, it is remarkable how little is published on cellular oxygen transport. All the papers I have read assume that the rate of oxygen crossing a cell membrane is not a rate-limiting step. There are very few papers that even try to measure that rate.

I have only found one paper (“Is the mammalian cell plasma membrane a barrier to oxygen transport?”) that shows that a normal cell membrane is about twice as efficient as a membrane made of olive oil (an Omega-9 fatty acid). Consider the fact that oxygen must cross seven such membranes to reach the mitochondria, where all your energy is generated. (If you want to find out more about this process, click here to watch a video on cellular respiration by Bozeman Science.)

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know that most of the Omegas we consume from the Western diet are processed, and therefore, adulterated. Adulterated Omegas are widely thought to influence the oxygen permeability of cell membranes; therefore, they affect the rate of oxygen getting to our mitochondria. This leads to greater anaerobic metabolism, acid accumulation in cells, increased inflammation, poor athletic performance, increased heart disease, and cancer. Indeed, these side effects are demonstrated in some of the latest research, and as predicted by the University of Florida's Department of Aging and Geriatric Research, the consumption of adulterated Omega-6 has been strongly associated with heart disease (Subczynki, Hopwood & Hyde, 1992).

We have to change our diets. Our children will not live as long as we do, and we are not living as long as our parents. The Pure Form Omega® Natural formulation tries to remedy this seemingly overwhelming situation by supplying the correct essential fatty acids in the proper amount (weight based and activity based dosing) and ensuring organic sourcing. The oils are cold pressed under a nitrogen blanket, with a nitrogen bubble in every capsule to keep it as close to the raw, unprocessed state as possible. The life you change may not just be your own.


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