What is the proper dosing of Pure Form Omega?

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We recommend 1 capsule for every 30lbs of a consumer's bodyweight, plus an additional 2 capsules 20 minutes before a workout or physical exercise.

An adult should take no less than 4 capsules per day.

Pure Form Omega Dosing Infographic

Is Pure Form Omega safe for children?

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Yes, Pure Form Omega is safe for children. We recommend following the same dosing guidelines as for adults, 1 capsule for every 30lbs of a consumer's bodyweight.

Is Pure Form Omega safe for pets?

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When should I take Pure Form Omega?

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You can take your daily dose of Pure Form Omega together or apart, with or without food or water, and at any time during the day.

Pure Form Omega Dosing Infographic

Should I take Pure Form Omega with food/water?

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This is a personal choice. Taking Pure Form Omega with or without food or water will not change its effectiveness, therefore is up to you!

Can I take Pure Form Omega with Fish Oil?

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No, we advise that you do not take Pure Form Omega in combination with Fish Oil.


What currency do you charge in?

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All orders are charged in US Dollars (USD).

What payment providers do you accept?

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We are able to process; American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Shopify Pay and Visa.


Are your bottles BPA Free?

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Yes! Our bottles are certified BPA Free.

BPA Free | Pure Life Science

Is Pure Form Omega Organic?

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Yes! Pure Form Omega is made from Certified Organic Oils.

What is in Pure Form Omega?

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The ingredients of Pure Form Omega are as follows;

-Organic Flax Seed Oil

-Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

-Organic High Linoleic Sunflower Seed Oil

-Organic Evening Primrose Oil

-Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

-Capsules (gelatin, water)

-Vitamin E (Mixed Tocopherols to preserve freshness)

Are your claims approved by the FDA?

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Should I store Pure Form Omega in the fridge?

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Pure Form Omega is extremely temperature stable and is fine to be left out at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Pure Form Omega will also be stable if stored in the fridge, however, we do find that keeping your Pure Form Omega out for you to see or in a routine based location or object (ie. toothbrush), works as a good reminder to take your daily dose! DO NOT FREEZE.

Where can I find the Supplement Facts for Pure Form Omega?

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You can find the supplement facts for Pure Form Omega on the product page here!

What is the serving size for Pure Form Omega based on the Supplement Facts?

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Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Serving Per Bottle: 60 Servings

Capsules Per Bottle: 120 Capsules

NOTE: The serving size is NOT the recommended daily dose (1 Capsule for every 30lbs of your bodyweight), it is only in relation to the Supplement Facts.

How many capsules are in a bottle of Pure Form Omega?

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120 Capsules

What is the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio in Pure Form Omega?

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2.5:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio


Do you ship to the United States?

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Yes! Our American orders are shipped out of Michigan via FedEx or USPS.

Do you ship to Canada?

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Yes! Our Canadian orders are shipped out of Toronto, Ontario. We use Canada Post, UPS, FedEx and/or Purolator depending on your distance from Toronto.

I'm in Canada, will I have to pay duties and taxes?

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Our Canadian orders are shipped out of Toronto, Ontario which means they do not have to travel across the boarder and result in duties. You will however be charged your provinces/territories applicable taxes.

To see your applicable tax fees, click here.

Do you ship Internationally?

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We do have international shipping capabilities however international orders may not be placed through our website. 

If you're interested in ordering outside of the United States or Canada please contact us.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

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Yes we can however Expedited Shipping is NOT available for shipments going to P.O. Boxes. 

Your order will automatically ship with Canada Post in Canada or USPS in the US. 

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